The Republic Electoral Commission held its second extraordinary press conference on 17 January 2022 at noon to announce the provisional results of the republic referendum.

The Director of the Republic Statistical Office Dr Miladin Kovacevic said that by 11.30 am on 17 January 2022, 98.79% of the polling stations and 98.24% of the electorate had been processed.

1,960,010 voters had voted, which is 30.65% of the voters’ register, Kovacevic said. The ballot boxes contained 1,959,383 ballots i.e. 99.97% of the voters, Miladin Kovacevic said.

19,496 of the ballots were invalid, which is 0.99%, while 1,939,887 i.e. 98.97% were valid.

1,170,406 of the voters voted YES in the referendum, which is 59.71%, while 769,481 had voted NO – 39.26%.

Kovacevic said that these results are close to the final ones.

The Chairperson of the Republic Electoral Commission Vladimir Dimitrijevic said that, unless there is a repeat vote, the Commission should announce the final results on Friday, 21 January 2022, by 8 pm.